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Christy Etienne
Christy Etienne

What is " Real Property.” Real property is defined as Land Improvements Benefits Rights.  Now I ask my clients to ask themselves,  what does that mean to you?  A benefit to one person may not be the same benefit to another. 

As your agent I will work with you to define your needs and wants, and in the end help you achieve the final goal, whether it be to own or sell " real property.” 

As a mother, sister, daughter, wife, and most importantly to you a working professional.  I will strive to bring the love and commitment to you that I bring to all aspects of my life. 

With years of professional customer service background in HR and an interior design certificate, my love for real estate and people was brought together by this career. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you and helping to make your real estate dreams come true.  Whatever they shall be?!